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Various insects flying high in the sky.

Look Up! The Billion-Bug Highway You Can't See

There are so many creatures up there, they are so busy, so athletic, so tiny, that we had to fly up and give you a peek.

Bee under a flower

The Love Bugs

Over 60 years, Lois and Charlie O’Brien, renowned entomologists, traveled to more than 67 countries, amassing the world’s largest private collection of insects.

Life 0f Insects host looking at a big brown bug in a tree.

Life of Insects | Attenborough: Life in the Undergrowth

BBC Earth: Sir David Attenborough reveals the world of insects such as ants, stick insects, beetles and digger bees.

Green metallic bug on leaf.

Inspect an Insect

There are more insects in the world than any other kind of animal! In this episode of SciShow Kids, Jessi and Squeaks show you how to identify an insect, in three easy steps!

Illustration of bugs in the dirt.

The World Under a Rock!

Check out life under a rock to see what you can learn about insects, spiders, and other animals!

Illustration of caterpillar and butterfly on a branch.

How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly

You’ve seen caterpillars, and you’ve seen butterflies, but do you know how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly?

Why Do Stink Bugs Stink? with photo of a stink bug.

Why Do Stink Bugs Stink?

Learn more about stink bugs like what makes them stink.

Confrontation between two bugs.

Peek Inside the Strange, Secret World of Bugs | National Geographic

England’s New Forest holds some of the most remarkable creatures, but you might have to look under a rock to find them.

Several bugs on a leaf.

Insect Videos: Incredible Critters | National Geographic Kids

Discover the very best videos about insects YouTube has to offer.

Illustration of an insect's parts next to back bone in a prohibited sign.

What Is an Insect?

Royal Entomological Society.

Illustration of a human holding and looking at a jar containing a ladybug.

What Is an Entomologist?

Royal Entomological Society.

Illustration of a spider with price tag on a plate with a fork and spoon.

Should We Eat Bugs? | Emma Bryce Ted-Ed TED-Ed

What's tasty, abundant and high in protein? Bugs!

Line darwing of a bug labeled head, Thorax, and Abdomen.

Parts Of an Insect

Check out the different parts of an insect and learn how to draw them, from head to thorax to abdomen.

Illustration of various bugs with title in the middle.

Why Are Insects Important?

Royal Entomological Society.

Black beetle

Beetle: Amazing Animals | National Geographic Kids

Beetles are the largest group of animals on Earth! Learn more amazing facts about the beetle in this video from National Geographic Kids.

Person looking at a high magnification print of the orchid cuckoo bee

Beauty Through the Microscope | National Geographic

National Geographic: Microsculpture—a unique photographic study of insects in mind-blowing magnification.

SSeeing a caterpillar under a magnifying glass.

The Bug Club: Sid the Science Kid | The Jim Hensen Company

Sid and Gabriella are outside exploring with their magnifying glasses, when they both realize they both love bugs and start a bug club!

Video host in front of a map next to an oversized computer generated ladybug.

Why Insects Are Good For the Planet | National Geographic

National Geographic Kids

Collection of beetles pinned in box.

Preparing Insects for Pinning

Insects that are dry have to be softened to pin. Watch this guide on how to relax insects to prepare them. NMSU Arthropod Collection

Two insects in a plate.

Setting Up a Relaxing Chamber

After being in the freezer, your insects may be brittle. This video shows you how to create a relaxing chamber to soften your insects. NMSU Arthropod Collection

Holding a pin with a insect.

Mounting and Preserving Insects

When you are ready to make your own collection, watch videos here on how to use a pinning block, and how to pin and point other insects for your board. NMSU Arthropod Collection

Butterfly wings being adjusted on the spreading board

Spreading a Butterfly

Watch this step by step video on how to spread a butterfly to pin to your board. NMSU Arthropod Collection

4-H Entomology website homepage with bee on flower next to the title.

Entomology | Teaming with Insects | National 4-H

Learn about science and nature by studying insects. Activities focus on how they look and move and provide some background for studying important entomology topics.

Texas 4-H entomology website homepage with green banner at top.

Entomology | Texas 4-H – Texas A & M University

Engage in this 4-H Project about entomology from Texas A&M University.

Close up of a butterfly on a yellow flower

Engaging Insect Science Experiments for Kids

Hands-on experiments for young scientists ages 5-10 that teach them how to apply the scientific method.

Collage of images of the various projects.

50 Activities for Playing and Learning with Insects!

Science activities about insects for younger kids.

Collage of bug photos.

Bug and Insect STEM Roundup

Bug and insect STEM activities for younger kids.

Home Science Tools website with illustration of a bug with wings and body parts labelled.

Insects for Kids

Science lessons and activities about insect anatomy for younger kids.

Scholastics Outdoor Activities and Science website homepage with Scholastic logo top left.

Outdoor Activities and Science: Insect Nets

Observing insects up close. Including lesson objectives, resources and materials.

How Stuff Works  website homepage.

Insect Experiments for Kids | HowStuffWorks

Kids can pretend they are bug experts in these insect experiments.

Photos of various activities from website.

20 Insect Activities for Kids | Teaching Mama!

Fun crafts, hands-on activities, and learning activities for early childhood classrooms.

Close up of two ladybugs holding legs on a leaf.

8 Simple Science Experiments with Bugs

Activities for kids of all ages, from preschool to school age. Fun outdoor STEM activities with an insect theme.

University of Nebraska Entomology games  and Other Activities homepage

Entomology Games and Other Activities

Beat Bugs Activities : Children's activities created by UNL grad students to correspond with the cartoon "Beat Bugs."

Entomological Society of America homepage with simplified illustration of a butterfly next to title on the banner.

Entomology Lesson Plans, Projects, and Resources

Adventures with Arthropods: Eco-friendly lessons for middle school. NGSS aligned lessons.

Ask an Entomologist homepage with illustration of a bug, title of website and the three entomologist for the website.

Ask An Entomologist

This lesson plan is designed for 7-8th graders. Activities and class discussion.

University of Kentucky Entomology bug collection website homepage with a closeup of a bug in upper left corner.

8th grade Entomology unit

Entomology curriculum resources for middle school and high school.

Mr. Benka’s Bug club website's homepage with illustration of bugs in the banner.

Mr. Benka's Bug Club

Entomology resources for teachers, with suggested activities to use with kids.

Pest World homepage with kids in a classroom setting.

Middle School Insect Lesson Plans

PestWorld for Kids offers educational resources on pests for middle school students and teachers, including science fair projects.

Lesson Planet homepage, images of the various teacher resource materials.

Entomology Lesson Plans & Worksheets | Lesson Planet

Middle school special education students (moderate to severe) learn about insects by playing an entomological version of bingo.

Let’s Learn Entomology! homepage with a close up of a grasshopper behind the title.

Let's Learn Forensic Entomology!

The resource describes a bit of what forensic entomology is, and who does it. Sets of lesson plans and activities for elementary school, middle and high school.

Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers homepage title and logo in banner

Labs & Activities – Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers

Middle School. This investigation examines natural selection and coevolution using goldenrod and its stem gall insect.

4-H curriculum cover with various bugs.

The Teaming with Insects curriculum

Written for youth who enjoy learning about science and nature by studying insects. Level 1 introduces the world of insects. Activities focus on how they look and move and provide some background for studying important entomology topics. $6.95

Cover of PDF has various bugs with the 4-H clover.

Insects Rule The Planet! PDF (intro only)

Review these activities from the New Mexico State University Entomology project. (Ask your 4-H agent if you’d like the whole project book, or would like to enroll.)